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Windows Live Writer

Well based on the tests you saw earlier, the program I am using is the Windows Live Writer. It is a free download from Microsoft here . It is a very straight-forward text editor with built-in blog uploading. I would call it "syncing" except it can't get my template from blogger, so if there is a way to put the template in manually that would be a welcome addition to the software. But apart from that it seems to be a very robust piece of software. It is easy to insert links, just a couple of clicks, and it references your Internet Explorer link history so you can just start typing and it will auto-fill the rest of the URL for you, which is nice. Another interesting feature is on the right sidebar there is a history of recent posts that were created using live writer. Which when you click on them fetches the information from your blog. This is a nice addition to the application as well. All in all from the limited testing that I have done it seems like a great way