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Create a SHA1 hash of a string

This function will take a string and return the hashed value using System.Security.Cryptography; public static string GetSha1(string value) { var data = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(value); var hashData = new SHA1Managed().ComputeHash(data); var hash = string.Empty; foreach (var b in hashData) hash += b.ToString("X2"); return hash; } Thanks to Lars-Erik

Now working

Alright so now that this is working again, I can throw some new content up here. Over the next few days I will be putting up some code that I have found strewn about the internet, and I need somewhere to save it. So unless you can come up with a better idea I am going to be placing it here so that I can find it later. Enjoy. PS if you do any ASP.NET or C# development you may find some of this stuff useful. Otherwise feel free to ignore it.

Kansas City

We made another fast trip to Kansas City this winter, at the end of January. This was one of the last times that we would be able to fly and have Raelynn ride on our laps. After this spring she will be 2 and that is the cutoff for "infant" though we got some funny looks when we told the flight attendants that she was only 1 and a half. Oh well. The trip went well, we got to see lots of friends and family while we were there.