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Sponsored Reviews

So talked about this in a previous post , and thought it looked like a cool idea. It still seems to be in theory anyway but their sign-up process is non-secured and they ask for your SSN. What kind of modern company would have a web-service that requires sensitive information and not have it encrypted? I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that because it is brand new perhaps it is just something that was over-looked. Even though that is a big thing to over-look. I sent them an e-mail about it and have yet to hear back from them.

Home Office Remodel Phase II: Pt 2 Electrical

Well, the electrical portion is all done. Lessons learned. Let's see, Always use junction boxes when tieing lines together. Be sure to buy extra wire nuts, you are bound to lose a box until you a finished when it magically reappears, same goes for electrical tape, two rolls minimum even if you only need 6 inches. Well here is the part that you have all been waiting for I know. Be sure to click the images for a better picture. Here is what is left of that tangled mess between the floor joists. Here is the outlet for under the desk. So stay tuned, more DIY is coming soon. The next section is Phase III: Phone

Home Office Remodel Phase II: Electrical

Well the electrical isn't quite finished yet so I will wait until I get that done which will probably be tonight or tomorrow. But I thought I would post a couple of pictures of what I found when I started opening the ceiling to run the wire for the outlets. This first pic is from right above where the desk will be. Dad and I opened the ceiling and the wires on the left fell down just like you see them, and then we noticed the white wire coming out of the box. We grabbed Dad's testers and Yep, just as we thought the wire was hot. The previous "electrition" and I use that term loosely clipped the wire pulled the jacket out so nothing would short and left it sitting there. Ok I will admit, that was moderately disturbing, but what came next was just down right wrong. This was one of the craziest things I had ever laid my eyes upon. I could go into explination of all of the wires but I still get lost trying to tie it all together. I know that one wire comes in with

Home office remodel Phase I: Plan

I have decided to move my Home office and will display the progress for you here first up is planning. Alright so Here's the deal. This is a picture of my current home office setup. Messy isn't it. So the plan is to move all of this crap over to a different wall with a much larger desk that is to be constructed later. I have the lumber in my garage. I have decided along with Precia's influence that most of this stuff doesn't need to be seen. So we have picked another wall in the basement that we can get behind. What this will allow me to do is have one machine open for the world to see and the others can be hidden behind a wall and attached via KVM. So here is the wall. Or the back of it anyway. You can clearly see the shelves that were left by the previous owner. I have yet to decide if I will be using these or not. It all has to do with the depth of the equipment and ease of access. I will have a better idea of that after this weekend. Dad and I will be i

Who Knew

DSCN0515 Originally uploaded by treblid . Wow I never knew that Media Center was so cool, that is until I got an Xbox360. This is XM Radio online via the MC PC.

Stupid Test

Not that it matters but... I'm not sure it's that accurate. : )

Paid to Review

Ronnie, over at has talked about PayPerPost . and I agree that it is an interesting idea but as Ronnie says I don't like how you have to put the product in a given light. If I don't like the product I don't want to give it a good review. Thats not to say that I would be mean and harsh but if I don't feel I can recommend something then I don't want to recommend it just because someone is paying me to. Then I found this is something that I will look into. This is right from thier info page: "You write the review in your own tone, and can be as critical as needed. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but rude or hateful reviews will be declined." See this is the way to attracted a good readership. Write what needs to be said about the product but don't go overboard. No one likes to see something bashed.

Blogger or Vox

Alright so I am kind of torn, I love the way that Vox works and all of the simplicity therein. Which is where I have been posting recently, if you can call it that. But I also am very fond of the flexibility that blogger has. In that it allows me to do a number of different things and even edit the code for the template and for all of my posts. So I need to make a decision, where will my domain point? Here or there. Stay tuned for the answer.