Thursday, March 08, 2007

Home office remodel Phase I: Plan

I have decided to move my Home office and will display the progress for you here first up is planning.

Alright so Here's the deal. This is a picture of my current home office setup. Messy isn't it. So the plan is to move all of this crap over to a different wall with a much larger desk that is to be constructed later. I have the lumber in my garage. I have decided along with Precia's influence that most of this stuff doesn't need to be seen. So we have picked another wall in the basement that we can get behind. What this will allow me to do is have one machine open for the world to see and the others can be hidden behind a wall and attached via KVM.

So here is the wall. Or the back of it anyway. You can clearly see the shelves that were left by the previous owner. I have yet to decide if I will be using these or not. It all has to do with the depth of the equipment and ease of access. I will have a better idea of that after this weekend. Dad and I will be installing power on the back of the wall for the machines that will be hidden and also an outlet for the main computer area. I just need to decide how many different drops I will need. Be sure to check back for Phase II: Electrical next week.


Anonymous said...

Love the '70s wood paneling.

Aaron said...

Me too, but that is why we are painting it, but that is another blog post series so I guess you will just have to keep reading.

Cheryl's Office said...

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Anonymous said...

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