Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Windows Home Server Pt2

This is a play by play of the installation so be forewarned, if you are looking for a review of how the actual system works that is coming soon.

Well here goes the second attempt. I installed a larger drive for my main drive, dropped in the DVD and booted the machine. First thing up, This computer doesn't have enough ram. 512 is required and only 255 was found install is now exiting. Wow that was kind of rude. Anyway pop open the case drop in another stick of 256 and reboot.

Next up it only recognized the local drive. No big deal you say but I have an onboard RAID controller with 200gb of storage, and it doesn't see it. Well why would I want software "RAID" when I can have hardware, so I will let the install complete and see if it can detect my RAID card at that point.

Installing ......

While this is installing I burned the Client CD no biggie there basic iso landed on a CD no problems

Still installing .......
Setup will complete in approximately 52 minutes. Looks like I have some time to do laundry

Auto Reboot
WHS is showing its roots with a Windows Server 2003 boot screen 39 Minutes remain, half of the laundry folded.

Installation screen goes grey and auto reboot. Another Win2k3 splash screen and starting home server. Back to installation screen and another reboot. It just auto-ran a chkdisk? and reboot again!

Updating windows update, still at the install screen and waiting, while it reboots yet again.

Installing more Updates and I see another reboot in the future. And the reboot at 8:58

Installing more updates and the .net framework. I will let you know when I can get to the actual console.

Welcome Screen from WHS!

So there it is 1 hour 15 minutes to install Windows Home Server RC 1

Stay tuned for the review

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